Tuesday, December 16, 2008

there are so many places to remember to leave posts. I fear I leave so many unposted. sigh. I try. We have lots of white stuff outside, and as a result, outside critters come to find food at mama's back door. she feeds all of them. even an orange kitty, and I remind him she is MY mama, not the orange kitty's mama. Not giving up MY mama.

Now she wants a dog. My bean sister came to visit and brought her new puppy dog. Now Mama wants one. that's ALL i need around here, is ia puppy dog. I think daddy will make sure it doesn't happen. He had a fit when my hammie came. and my fish. I don't think he'll allow a dog. not even a little one.
Misty ...

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Cafe Cats said...

We run out of time to comment to every one and feel so bad sometimes! Just have to make the rounds and have one post feed to all of the bloggies.

We hope you don't end up with a woofie!