Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From the cat basket ...

Today we want to tell you about a neat contest for BIG kitties!!! Go here to read all about it. Vote for the Big Kitty of your choice! Have you been to see your Vet recently? You know, seeing your Vet once a year is like having your Human Bean seeing her doctor every 6 or 7 years! We know these trips are expensive, but there are companies that help. VIP Pet Insurance is one of those. Purr to your Bean about this.

'Bastian and I were really peeved to read about this next bit of news: A British woman who dumped a cat into a trash bin and was caught on CCTV footage (but only after the cat spent 15 hours in the garbage) has now been identified. The RSPCA plans to interview the woman along with the help of the police. —AP Can you IMAGINE that??? How absolutely awful!

We would also like to tell you about CROM (Cat Rescue of Maryland). They do a lot of wonderful things for kitties who don't have their own Beans to take care of them. Stop in and look at their site, and if your Bean could send them a few pieces of green paper, they can buy more kibbles and medicines for the homeless kitties.

Purrs from the pine trees,

Misty and Sebastian,

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