Monday, October 18, 2010

The Bridge ...

Another kitty went to the Bridge today. Her name was Mrz Mama Katz.  She lived with one of Mama's quiltie ladies far away from here. But we wrote a tribute for her, to comfort her. 
Sometimes Mama reads to me from the big book with the soft cover that smells good, and there are no pictures. But the words are very beautiful. They tell of a Father who loves us all, who knows when even a sparrow falls from the sky.  Sometimes some of Mama's more learned friends try to tell her there are no grounds for believing all critters go to Heaven, but me and Mama, well, we believe otherwise.  The Father in the big Book took a lot of time and trouble to make all of us, and the trees and the flowers, it just doesn't make sense that this is all there is. I know Mama spends a lot of time talking to Him.  I can't see Him, but she tells me He is in every flower and every tree and the face of every critter and every child ever born to mankind.  I think I like a Father like that.  Sometimes when she goes to bed at  night she talks to Him, and water comes from her eyes. I lick it up as fast as it flows. But after a bit she sleeps, and seems to be at peace. Me and 'Bastian stay real close on nights like that.  And ... um ... something else happens sometimes. Sometimes there's another kitty with us. We can't see her. But we see her footprints on the bed, and then there's a dent in the pillow by Mama's head.  We hear purring. Very soft purring.  I think that must be when Miss Mouse visits.  There's a place in the Book that talks about horses too, in Heaven, I mean.  So I know there are kitties.  Mama says these things are "great mysteries".  Like how when she goes to the big building where everyone else is, and drinks wine and eats little pieces of dried up bread, that they're someone's blood and body. That sounds kind of icky to me, but she says it's one of the great Mysteries.. How that stuff can be something else.  So, I think  you don't always have to see something to believe in it. She says that's Faith.  That's a good thing. 

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