Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dogs ...

A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.
-- Ogden Nash 

Mama read me a very sad email this morning.  I guess it was email, it was on the writey box.   One of our friends has a woofie who went to the Bridge during the night.  How sweet and good, however that he was thee with his person when the moment came.  I did not meet this woofie.  I am really rather afraid of woofies, they are much bigger than I am. But I think this one would have been nice to me. I think his daddywholoveshim knows where he went though. And I would bet the many of Mama's friends would have made him welcome right away.  Gampers liked woofies. When he was a little boy, he had a BIG woofie named Pal.  Pal was a Belgian shepherd, and large. As a puppy he engaged in a rather tough tug of war with HIS Gampers, and one toothie got pulled out a little bit. Pal always looked fearsome after that.  He was a good woofie though. Except that he didn't like people in uniforms. Someone must have hurt him before he came to our family, for him to grrrrrowl at uniforms so.  I think that Gampers and Pal would have gone to meet Buddy.  Buddy was a black boxer woofie, here  is his picture with his daddywholoveshim.  When it comes time for us to leave our people behind, we know we will be together again. We also know we're not really gone. Buddy will learn to visit his daddywholoveshim when least expected.  'Bastian and I will purr extra hard tonight, for comfort for our friend whose heart hurts. 

purrrrrrrrrrrr   .....

Notes From Rainbow Bridge

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