Monday, October 11, 2010

People who love cats

People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around.  ~Susan Easterly

I believe this to be true.  Take my mamawhatlovesme for example.  She goes out of her way to feed homeless critters, and to be there for people who need her. I get frustrated at times when people aren't there when she needs them, but that's the way of humans I guess.  I know she loved the kitty before me an awful lot, because sometimes when she's thinking about her, water comes out of her eyes.  It is salty, so of course, I lick her face clean again.  I'm not sure what possessed her to bring Sebastian into the house. I mean, she's been to the pound (that must be a ghastly place to be) ... and there have been other kitties who dine in  our yard ... but for some reason she decided 'Bastian must come in.  And he did. I wasn't at all pleased with this arrangement for many months, but at this point, he's kind of grown on me.  And he did make the Grandfather awful happy.  The Grandfather always wanted me to sit on his lap but I was not so inclined. The Grandfather started a painting of 'Bastian sitting on his lap. But he didn't finish it.  I think Boy will finish it.   'Bastian was, and did, and that made everyone happy.  I have discovered, however, that lap sitting isn't at all disagreeable, in fact it can be rather pleasant.  I have a date with mamawholovesme's lap every night after she finishes her plate of food.  I hop up to the chair beside her, and wait (not always patiently, though she's been better about it lately) until she puts the quilt on her lap. Then I arrange myself in a most pleasing pose for both of us.  

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