Saturday, October 16, 2010

Politics ...

Well, I'm not so sure we cats ought to get involved with politics. There already is a donkey and an elephant. A cat could be trampled easily.  BUT, if you have a desire to study political science, and to be "up" on Justice for Cats ... this is the book for you.  There simply are not enough shelters, or more specifically "no kill" shelters.  It's bad enough that unspayed kitties and unneutered toms roam ... but through no fault of their own they get scooped up and hauled off to the pound for euthanasia.  I know I fuss and fume about Sebastian. But I'm really glad he has a furever home now, even if it IS with me ... at least he'll be safe and warm and well-fed (he oughta be, he eats MY dinner) ... so, read the book, and do your part. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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