Monday, October 4, 2010

Protocol ...

Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat.
-- R. Heinlein

Mama just doesn't get it some days. Take today for example. She scheduled a doctor's appointment for dad for 8:40 in the morning. HOW DUMB! Morning sunshine is the best time for napping! 'Bastian and I dragged dad out of bed before dawn, to open a tin of mousemeat for our breakfast, and then we jumped up on Mama's bed to snuggle. She makes a lot of quilts, and they're nice and all, but she's got this thing on her bed that's full of feathers and it's so toasty and warm! Next thing we know, she's up, in the room that rains (which I will NEVER understand), and out the door. At least she had the sense to get back into bed when they returned. Honestly.

It's all about protocol! 'Bastian and I are rarely ever stressed, and it's because we follow protocol! okay, so we get a little agitated when she feeds the chipmunk. Wouldn't you? I mean, she puts food on the patio, right out side the glass door, so we can watch that arrogant beast laugh at us while he stuffs his cheeks. But in general, we follow protocol. Set times to eat, flexible hours for naps, brief bursts of energy to keep ourselves limber, and when in doubt, wash.


poohsp said...

my mom leaves bird seed hanging outside our window so we can watch them eat. I thought we were supposed to eat the birds? how do we get through the window?

Misty Whispurrs and the Quilted Squirrel said...

I haven't figured that out either. Here it's the chipmonks, who come right up to the door and look in. Poor Sebastian turns his furself inside out almost.