Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Waiting up for mama ...

Mama went to the quilt store today to hold down the fort while the owner was away.  I'm not particularly happy when she's gone, neither is 'Bastian ...  but today she was gone for NINE HOURS.  Daddy fixed our dinner, but it wasn't the same. 

When she got home, she sat down in her big chair that was the Grandfather's chair, and we snuggled with her.  She knows she has to give us her undivided attention when she's been gone that long.  Tonight she told us about lights in the window and special quilties.  Me 'n 'Bastian didn't get half of it, but we DO have our special quilties just for us ... and we always watch out the door for her to come home. 

Do you have your own quiltie? Would you like Mama to make one for you? She will, you know ... I hope you wait at the door for your Mama to come home when she's out. 

Now I must go and purr her to sleep.

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