Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sandy Paws!!!

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Mama sez Sandy Paws is coming soon!  He's the guy in the red suit with the white whiskers who brings goodies to all the kitties and woofies who have been good this year. An' she told me and 'Bastian what Christmas is about. She tells us every year, but it's always nice to hear again. 

First she gets down this big box, and takes off the lid. She gets out a lady, and a man, and puts them in a little barn, with a cow and a donkey, and some kitty cats.  There's a little squirrel on the railing.  Then she gets out a Baby and puts Him in the cow's food dish. This is because when the man and the lady had their Baby there wasn't anywhere to put Him, and no cradle, and the cow didn't seem to mind, so she put Him in there.  The kitties snuggled against the Baby to keep Him warm. That's very important! Then she gets out more men, and some sheeps. She says the men are shepherds. And they have a woofie to help them with the sheeps.  Then she gets out an Angel.  She sez that the Angel told the guys with the sheeps that they should go see the Baby sleepin' in the cow's food dish, so they do.

Then she gets out some camels, and some kings and puts them near the guys with the sheeps. She sez they came to see the Baby in the cow's food dish too.  They brought Him presents, but the presents sounded kinda dumb for a little baby, but that's how it was.   They brought smelly stuff, and oily stuff, and some gold. I guess the gold would be useful, the man and the lady could buy kibbles for the kitties with it ...

Then she gets out Sandy Paws! and puts HIM in the barn kneeling down by the Baby in the cow's food dish. That's because the Baby is God's liddle boy, and everyone should love Him because He loves all of US.  Then she puts the Angel over the door of the little barn, watching over everything.  And she hangs a star on the wall, just above the liddle barn.

She sez this is the Christmas story. I don't unnerstands it all, but it makes me want to purrrrrr.....

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