Monday, May 16, 2011

 Bully Stick Promo Banner - Aug10    Quilts!

The windows are open! The flowers that Mama likes are blooming, and they make her smile and cry at the same time. Grampa planted them, and she smiles when she sees them knowing how proud he was of his garden. She sheds a tear or two because she misses him ....

She's been making more quilties, too!  Not so many for 'Bastian and I, but we still keep our paws on her work, and inspect it.  There's a link to take you there, to see the ones for kitties and woofies. Mama also makes them for people too!

With spring comes the nasties. Remind your Mama-who-loves-you that it's time to go to that nasty Vet for your check ups and shots, and be sure to get some kind of flea/tick stuff for your furrs.  There's nothing nastier than unwanted bugs.  Mama gets Revolution for us, because it also protects us from Heart-worm. Yes, kitties DO get heart-worm, and it's worse than it is for woofies because there is no test for it. Kitties die from it, because there's no way to see if they've got it.  This is not a good thing.  Even though we do not go out side, Mama protects us from the nasties with Revolution.

We're also shedding like mad, because we don't need all that extra winter fur!  So brushing is necessary, even the occasional (gasp) baf.  We do not like bafs. We do not like being WET all over! But we do feel better after them, but we're not about to tell Mama that.  We howl and yowl our displeasure.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011



"Bastian and I have wondered all winter when Mama was going to use the writey box again.  We have had our paws full just helping her quilt.  Once the funny smelling tree went away, we got our  climbing tree back by the window, so now we can watch the fuzzy tails.  Mama puts bird seeds out, and peanuts, and corns ... so the wild critters can have some foods too.  I think, pursonally, that Sebastian would rather go chase them than watch them eat, but being a more dainty and refined kitty, I prefer to watch from inside where it's warm!

We found the funniest book. There is actually a catalogue where we kitties can order our very own things!  Here is an excerpt: "From the comfort and convenience of her own home, kitty can order the Endless Curtain, a set of 500-foot-long drapes mounted on a roll that will enable her to have a continual supply of fresh curtain on which to sharpen her claws. Or she may choose the Temperature-Controlled Mouse Cellar, perfect for storing dead dry-iced mice under ideal conditions to keep them fresh for months on end, offered in a variety of sizes and configurations. "

What absolute fun!!! I must be sure she orders one for 'Bastian and I!  

We have watched the squirrels with much interest this winter. Mama says they are so smart, but I don't think so. Well, one of them is. One is a little Fox squirrel, and she is very clever. She tunneled under the snow as she went from the tree to her hidey places.  The other silly squirrels didn't find all the peanuts until just a few weeks ago!  It is not yet warm enough to have the windows open for sniffies, but I hope soon it will be.

Sebastian has a new love interest, he has been writing secret sonnets to Miss Elisabeth Bennett.  He is really quite hopeless.  She invited him to call upon her as they were "at home" on Sunday afternoons.  I do hope he remembers his manners. He can be such an oaf at times. I guess it's okay to have a brother. Unless he's eating my kibbles ...


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, Catmas came and went, and so did Mama.  Her OTHER kiddens (her human ones) sent her enough green papers to get in the rolly monster and goes away for all of Catmas week ... 'Bastian and I were NOT happy.  Someone checked on us, but it wasn't the same as having Mama here.  But things are all better now. All I gotta do is get her to do my typing more often. 'Bastian got all upset when she put away the Catmas stuff ... there was boxes all over, and furniture got moved, and he got all worried someone was going away again like Gampers did.  He's a silly cat.