Thursday, October 4, 2012


She did it again. It was bad enough to have to share her with Sebastian, but she's gone and brought home aNOTHER cat.  Humpf.  At least this one plays with HIM and leaves ME alone!

The big quiltie frame is back in place, and ole orange-fur made her mad by taking a nap in the quilt. I tried to tell him it's not for kitties, but he insisted. She banished him from the room.

Nice people have been looking after Mama since Daddy died.  They make her smile.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boy, it's been a YEAR since 'Bastion and I  have prompted Meowmy to type for us.  We must learn to use Dragon software. All we need to do is talk and it types.  Not sure if it speaks Meowese or not ...

We had a foster kitten for awhile. I was most DISpleased, DISplaced, and utterly disgusted with the little thing, while silly Sebastian was wrapped tightly around her claw.  He played with her, let her sharpen her teeth on his ears, pushed him  out of his food dish (which I applauded) ... but now she has gone and things are back to normal.

The chipmunks are back! Meomy left some corns on the porch and the little rats came to eat.  We were not allowed to join them, however.  I think this was rude. As host and hostess, we should have dined on ... er, I mean with our guests.  No amount of stompy feets and meows would change her mind though.  Out we were not let.